MoTrade specializes in audio and video electronics for a large number of car brands. We are official distributor of GROM AUDIO.

We started in 2010 from the ideal that vehicle owners should be able to install audio and video electronics themselves. This has resulted in a website with manuals, a shop assistant and clear instructions.
We also strive for a minimal use of plastic for environmental reasons and use packaging material made from recycled cardboard.
With our products you do not have to replace existing electronics, but you expand the existing functionalities. As a result, existing electronics last longer, which is more sustainable.

With us you can rely on a well-functioning product. And in case of trouble we respond quickly to find a solution.

We wish you a lot of fun and extra functionalities with your possible purchase.

Because of increasing sales abroad we are translating our website into english. This will take some time.

MoTrade, January 2023