Integrate the latest mobile technology while retaining your original screen and all existing functions.

Audio interface
  • Bluetooth connection for many smartphones
  • Compatible with Android® Phones, iPhone® and other smartphones
  • Hands Free Calling
  • Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Accept, reject calls hands free
  • Control from car stereo, steering wheel or phone
  • USB port to play music directly from any USB stick/drive
  • FLAC, AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV music supported
  • iPhone car integration via USB
  • AUX-In Integration (option)

The functions can vary depending the type of audio interface you want. Read our information carefully before buying.

Apple Carplay / Android Auto interface

Use your smartphone on the display of your car
With Carplay or Android Auto you can safely use your smartphone via the built-in screen of your car. This allows you to easily skip a song from your playlist or send a voice memo, for example. This means you can keep your eyes on the road.With the screen mirror function (if present on the interface) you can project video on your screen and have the sound coming from your car speakers.

Respond to messages and make calls hands-free
You can stay in contact with your colleagues or friends on the go. WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram are examples of communication apps that the operating system supports. You can see incoming messages in a clear overview in the notification center. This way, you can quickly check them when you're not driving. In addition, you can have the voice-assistant read them to you and respond safely with a voice command while driving. Prefer to make a phone call? Call one of your contacts with a touch of the button or using the assistant (voice-dialling).

Navigate with your favorite navigation apps
Navigation has a number of advantages. You can choose your favorite navigation app and aren't forced to use the outdated navigation system of your car. Choose Google Maps or Waze, for example. Thanks to the connection to your smartphone the apps are always up to date. You can also link certain apps. This way, you can easily navigate to your next meeting in your calendar, for example. You can use the assistant for useful navigation tools.

Control your entertainment
Play music, listen to a podcast, or play an audio book. It's easy with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. You can easily control all your entertainment with your voice. Carplay or Android Auto support entertainment apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Audio Books, and more.