GS 300 / 430 2001-2005

Multimedia interface

GS 300 / 430 2001-2005
GS 300 / 430 2001-2005
GS 300 / 430 2001-2005
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VLINE2 LEX3 is compatible with 5+5-pins video display port, 5+7 power audio connector and this type of screen

5+5 pins video connector and 5+7 pins power audio connector

You can also doublecheck compatibilty by sending us pictures of:
1. brand, type, year of the car
2. main screen with radio menu (the screen with FM and AM on it)
3. radio
4. remote control (if present)
5. size of the part of the screen that provides a visual image (i.e. excluding the black border) in inches (screen diagonal in cm divided by 2,54)
Please send this information to and we will check and send you the link to order.

Lexus GS 300/430 2001-2005