Wireless Carplay Android Auto interface

Euro 69.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto adapter for all Tesla

With this Carlinkit Tesla adapter you can use wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto in your Tesla.

The Carlinkit Tesla smartbox is very easy to install and use. Just plug into the USB of your car. After making a connection your browser will automatically start CarPlay.

No SIM-card needed with our product. Plug and Play!

We deliver the device with the latest firmware version 4.9 (june 2023)

1. Supports Bluetooth networking
2. Support offline/online switching
3. Optimize the fluency and support the smooth operation of Model X/S
4. Optimize automatic callback
5. After this upgrade, the Bluetooth networking function will be enabled by default. Please enable the personal hotspot of the mobile phone before connecting.

Comes without the original box (to fit through the postbox).
Easy to update
  1. Connect the dongle to a USB port for power (e.g. laptop or USB port in the car)
  2. Connect your phone to Autokit_XXXX .
  3. Choose Wifi Autokit_XXXX (Accept Use Carplay)
  4. Go to web address using the browser on your phone
  5. You will enter an environment where you can upload an error message or update the device
  6. If the process stops before the process is completed, run the process again untill your software is up to date.