Carplay Android Auto Mirroring interface

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CarPlay (wireless), Android Auto (wireless) interface BENTLEY 2010-2018 with RNS 810 system

Use Apple Carplay or Android Auto on the original display of your BENTLEY. The interface is easy to operate using voice control or steering wheel and radio buttons (most cars).

Integrate the latest mobile technology while retaining your original screen and all existing functions. This interface gives you access to Google and Waze navigation, Spotify, internet radio, Flitsmeister and other (music) apps such as CarPlay and Android Auto. With this interface you will never have outdated navigation again. All music is at your fingertips and you can keep your attention completely on the road!

  • Direct available from stock
  • No software update required
  • No cable adjustments required
  • Camera function is retained
  • Voice-control

  • Apple Carplay (wireless), Android Auto (wireless) and Mirroring
  • Supports PDC (Parc Distance Control) and FPG (Flexible Parking Guidelines)
  • Compatible with PAL and NTSC cameras
  • Operation using touchscreen, radio- and steering wheel buttons
  • Suitable for connecting an after market front- and/or rear camera
  • The image will be a bit stretched in case you have a square screen. This does not affect the functionalities.

  • You have to use radio apps instead of original radio (radio keeps working however)
  • The interface uses an extra microphone for Siri / Google (included)


2010 – 2018 Bentley

Installation videos

General instructions CarPlay interface

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