GROM Vline2 LEX7

Multimedia interface

GROM Vline2 LEX7
GROM Vline2 LEX7
GROM Vline2 LEX7
Euro 469.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
You can check the compatibiity of the LEX7 by the shape of the icons on the main screen.

VLINE2 LEX7 is compatible with [9+9+9] & [2+3+3] & [6+9+9] pins and [8+8] pins power audio connectors and similar screen like this picture



You can also doublecheck compatibilty by sending us pictures of:
1. brand, type, year of the car
2. main screen with radio menu (the screen with FM and AM on it)
3. radio
4. remote control (if present)
5. size of the part of the screen that provides a visual image (i.e. excluding the black border) in inches (screen diagonal in cm divided by 2,54)
Please send this information to and we will check and send you the link to order.                    

  • Installation manual, operation manual
  • The GROM Vlite (11x10x3) is smaller than the Vline (15x12x3cm).
  • The factory backup camera keeps working on both the Vline as the Vlite.

To keep the price as low as possible for the customer we buy the Vline2 as parts from GROM USA. We do NOT ship in the original box.
We do NOT include the GPS-antenna. You can order it as an option. Carplay and Android Auto use the GPS-signal from your car and your phone. Only navigation apps that you put on the Vline2 yourself use the GPS-antenna.
We do NOT incude the USB-cable. You can order it as an option. You only need the USB-cable to play music from an USB-stick or to extend the USB-slot.

Buyers outside the European Union
Please write your VAT-address in the field "Opmerkingen" (Remarks) when ordening. This fastens the clearance process.
You have to pay VAT to the clearance department of your country.